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Decades of Growth

Thank you for visiting New Zealand Pearl, the internet’s online source for premium quality pearls. We are pearl wholesaler based in New Zealand. We have been wholesaling pearls and pearl jewelry for more than 20 years across New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. New Zealand Pearl is a New Zealand owned company.

New Zealand Pearl is growing into one of the world’s largest online pearl retailer. We offer wide selections of premium quality pearls with designs that are classic with a modern twist. Our commitment is to offer high quality pearls with truly whole sale prices unlike other pearl companies, online or off. With more than 200,000 satisfied customers to date, we have benefited significantly by word-of-mouth advertising. New Zealand Pearl’s commitment to quality, customer service, and truly wholesale pricing and selection has helped us to become the fastest pearl supplier in New Zealand.


Most Trustworthy Supplier in NZ

New Zealand Pearl specializes in classic, custom and modern pearl jewelries and well known for providing premium quality pearls. We offer Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian and White and Golden South Sea pearls directly from the pearl farmers which to you that means no intermediate process in between. Thus, New Zealand Pearl ensures our products will be affordable with high quality when they reach to you.

We have over thousands of satisfied customers proofing to you what New Zealand Pearl is all about. Customers who come in to browse and look for pearls leaves happily as they are satisfied with our customer service at the shop or online. Customers are also surprised with the price of our excellent quality pearls comparing to other pearl companies. They are shocked at the difference. We’re not. This is what New Zealand Pearl is all about. We offer top quality pearls with a reasonable price as well as awesome customer service to make our customers feel happy.

Though we are new to retailing pearl jewelry, our goal is to continue in providing premium quality pearls and achieving customer satisfaction. We teach the team to understand and have the commitment that represents New Zealand Pearl – quality, customer service, and truly wholesale pricing and selection. We strive to make your experience as warm and inviting. The New Zealand Pearls philosophy revolves around offering pearls of remarkable quality.

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