New Zealand Pearl is a family-owned company home to high-quality pearls that always make a statement. Combining premium styles with accessible prices, we exist to share the beauty of pearls with the world via timeless jewellery collections. Backed by over two decades of style and craftsmanship, we merge classic design and a modern twist with hand-selected and individually inspected pearls. The result is thousands of satisfied customers and recognition as a premier source of pearl jewellery.


Pearls are often recognized as gems of the sea — loved for their intense mirror-like lustre and timeless appeal — but that doesn’t mean they can’t be accessible to all. 

That’s what we discovered more than two decades ago when we founded New Zealand Pearl. After years of appreciating the beauty of pearls, we wanted to bring this gem to the world in a way that was accessible to all. At that time, it was near impossible to find high-quality pearl jewellery in the local market. We knew there had to be a better way; New Zealand Pearl was born.

New Zealand Pearl was founded to share the beauty of pearls with the world. We were inspired to leverage our expertise as world-class gemologists and jewellery designers to offer modern pearl jewellery of the highest quality. With a selection of pearls unlike any other and jewellery designs you won’t find anywhere else, our investments have allowed us to style thousands of happy customers. 

Today, we aim to offer timeless jewellery styles with a modern appeal that is truly accessible with fair and transparent pricing. While other brands add unnecessary mark-ups throughout their collections, we offer prices well below the average retail cost for all to enjoy. 

We also proudly satisfy customers by creating custom jewellery creations on-site for all kinds of styles. We welcome you to our showroom to select your own loose pearls and setting. Our inhouse jewellers promise to create a piece of pearl jewellery that is as unique as you. 

Over the years, we have expanded from New Zealand to Australia, Asia and Europe, and with it, we have garnered a reputation of quality and trust. Our pearls attract the attention of celebrities and style-forward women everywhere, thanks to their uniqueness and attractive price point. 

Since our beginnings, we have grown, but our passion for sharing the beauty of pearls has remained the same. At New Zealand Pearl, we are pearl experts, and we cannot wait to share our jewellery designs with you! 


Honesty is an essential part of our business, which is practised daily through our fair and transparent pricing. We promise to offer jewellery that is always up to 80% below traditional retail prices to give everyone the luxury of pearls without the markup.

Our brand is built on quality, and we do everything in our power to provide the highest quality standards. To get there, we hand-select and individually inspect our pearls and remain committed to the finest craftsmanship to deliver a selection of pearls unlike any other.

To remain current and to continue to share the beauty of pearls for decades to come, we are committed to innovating in the jewellery market through design. Our cutting-edge pieces blend the best of quality and style to offer jewellery that will remain relevant for years to come.

At the heart of our business is a dedicated team of experts. Every team member is committed to working together to provide the finest pearls and jewellery designs. Together, as a family, we create with feeling and expertise to bring the best to our customers.